Julia Roquette

Hi, my name is Julia Roquette, and I am a professional astronomer.

I am currently a Research Fellow at the University of Exeter in the UK, where I work as part of Prof. Sean Matt's AWESoMeStars team. I dedicate my research to understanding the spin of low mass stars, and I am especially interested in how the environmental conditions of their close neighbourhood influence their spin evolution. My research includes both theory and observations. On the observational side, I have led the measurement of spin rates in the young Cygnus OB2 association and in the open cluster NGC 3766. I am also the PI of an ongoing observational campaign that will observe stellar spin rates in the Carina Nebula Complex using the ESO VISTA telescope. I am also the co-author of two studies investigating stellar metallicity's influence on the rotational evolution a detectability of spots in stars in the Kepler Field. On the theoretical side, I have been developing a spin evolution model that considers stars in clusters and uses the effect of stellar feedback from massive stars on the evolution of disks. You can learn more about my research by visiting my Research page.

Before moving to the UK, I did my PhD at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais in Brazil, and in the middle of my PhD, I spent a year as a visiting student at the Institut de Plan├ętologie et d'Astrophysique de Grenoble in France. Unfortunately, by the time I finished my PhD in Brazil, the politicians in power over there were working very hard to make the life of the scientists in the country impossible. After teaching astrophysics for six months at the Universidade Federal de Sergipe, in the northeast of the country, I became one more of the scientists who left Brazil over the last years in search of appropriate conditions and better incentives for doing good quality science.

I was born in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais in the core of the southeast region of Brazil. My region and hometown are famous for their mountains and very rich culinary. One of our culinary jewels is the Minas Cheese, a type of cheese produced only in the region and widely used in our traditional recipes. In order to have Minas Cheese with me wherever I live in the world, I am a cheesemaker in my free time.

When I am not doing science or making cheese, I usually cycle a lot, and in 2020 I cycled more than 1200 km for leisure and touring! After years of cycling short distances, since last Summer, I became an active bike-packer where I just pack everything I need in my bike and go visit places, sometimes cycling for over a week in a roll and usually camping on the way. In order to learn how to learn more about how bikes work and service my own bike, for the past year, I have been a volunteer bike-mechanics apprentice at the Ride On, a small charity in Exeter that refurbishes abandoned bikes and puts them back in circulation. Last year, I built a touring bike from scratch. Since 2021 started, I have been very entertained by gaining experience in building wheels.

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