Julia Roquette //astrophysicist

I am Julia Roquette, a Maître Assistant (Senior Postdoc) in Astrophysics at the Observatoire Astronomique de l'Université de Genève, in Switzerland, where I currently work as part of a Horizon 2020/SPACE project, NEMESIS (Novel Evolutionary Model for the Early Stages of Stars with Intelligent Systems). You can read more about my trajectory here in my Bio.

My main research topic is the formation and evolution of stars similar to our Sun. Throughout my career, I have been exploring this topic using multifaceted research methods, including astronomical observations, numerical models and data science. You can learn more about my research by visiting my Research page.

You can check my full list of publications on NASA/ADS, but here are some highlights:

I often develop computational codes for my research and use to share the most relevant ones. For example:

  • The Python package FIREstars (Far- ultraviolet Irradiated Rotational Evolution model for low mass stars) was developed as part of the research presented in Roquette et al. (2021) and includes a compilation of tools for computing rotational evolution numerical models of stars evolving under the irradiation of far-ultraviolet radiation.

I love sequential art and sometimes draw a few comics to help explain my research. You can check some of my Comics page.

Photo shot by Nicolas Blind with the “collodion plate process” as part of the Reflections exhibition celebrating diversity at the Observatory of Geneva (June 2022).

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